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Followers & Costumers from Instagram

Powerful Growth of Your Real Instagram Followers, Schedule Posts, Manage Comments & Direct messages, Analyze the growth.

Service for Instagram Growth, Publication Posts by Schedule, Respond to Direct messages and Comments, Analysis your account. You can get up to 5,000 Real and Active Instagram Followers Monthly.


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Be a Most Popular
on Instagram and Get Followers

You can create more active organic Instagram followers who are really interested in what you are doing! Without fakes and bots.

Visually Plan Your Posts on a Schedule, they will be Automatically Published.

Convenient to plan your posts on a daily, a weekly, a monthly, a yearly basis. They will be published automatically. You can preview them in your smartphone, that is, how they will look in your smartphone.

Never Miss a Message & a
Comment from Your Followers

AdRux collects all messages and comments in a convenient interface where you can reply, delete messages and comments them.

Analyze the popularity and growth of your account

Track the growth in the number of subscribers, likes, comments and ER rate.

How it works

Getting Real Followers

Targeting real users, the service comes into contact up to 30,000 people a month. And you can get up to 5,000 regular followers monthly

The application promotes your accounts with Follow, Unfollow, Like, Comment, as a person, and do it with AI (Artificial Intellegence)

You can control the AI setting for good targeting using Hashtags, Geolocation, and accounts of your competitors

Auto Publications Posts

Plan your Media (Photo, Video) in “view calendar by time” mode.

Keep the library of your Media (Photo, video).

Browse your posts using Visual Planner.


Service collects direct messages and comments from your photos / videos on your Instagram

You can moderate (reply or delete) messages and comments from an easy-to-use service.


Analyze your progress with the help of graphs.

Look at the number of likes, followers, comments, ER of your account

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